Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Just a small update on the state of things in my life. This is my desk, right now! It's awful. Tomorrow... Things change.

On the upside, I somehow managed to make some headbands in this mess, with some new fabric I bought today! Pictures to come! For now, pray I can get my junk in order.. it's my goal for tomorrow. With the help of my kiddos... I'll post before and afters.. *crosses fingers*

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Update Soon...

Lots of things going on lately. Got completely off my schedule. But I think I'm going to keep my blog going. Try to talk about some projects I have going on. I'm on etsy, now. Check me out here:

my header has some pics of my new line.

Also, I'm on etsy trader so if you have some cool stuff and want to work out a trade that would be cool as well.
Also join me on twitter, just signed up yesterday!!/sarahkingsdsign

Working on so many projects around the house and for the business. So I'll be updating regularly... *crosses fingers*

Be back soon for a pictorial update :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 9: Wednesday: Craft day

Wednesday: Craft Day

I've been working a couple projects this week and it's why I've been too busy to post. First I wanted to make something I saw on pinterest. It's a new marker board calender. I made two different backgrounds and would like your help deciding which to put up. Please vote by leaving a comment!
Here is a step by step:

Step 1: framing the calender
For both the first step is to get a picture frame and draw a table for the calender, making sure to write it backwards, so that when you flip it you can read it the right way. That way when you clean off the erasable marker you don't erase your calender table.

Step 2: painting
Pick a pattern you really like.
I drew out a pattern using my ruler as a guide and then hand drew over it. Then I painted it the colors I wanted. If you struggle with colors here is a color generator to help with color combinations. (

Step 3: assembly
Put your painting in the frame and take a look:

Finished look a personalized marker board.

Next, I didn't really like this painting after all was said and done. It was a little too dark to make notes on and the pattern was a little distracting.
So I made another background.

Background 2: paper cuttings:
I cut out big flowers and cut them into smaller pieces and hot glued all the little pieces down.

I think I like this second one better. Comment and tell me what you think!!

Next:  I've been working on Isaac's birthday party. He's turning 8 and wants a Jurassic Park birthday, but we decided that's a little too specific and it's just going to be dinosaurs. So here's my story board for that:

I've ordered masks this time instead of spending hours making them but the hats I will make as well as some sort of invitation.

We're also going to make fossils, I bought some plastic dinos to mush into the clay.

I also ordered this:
it's a 29 inch inflatable velociraptor:

I think I might order a few more. Just for extra dino fun!

Also this week I got a new office chair. I have been sitting in a dinning room chair and they are not very comfortable after about 1/2 an hour. I went to Ikea with my sister ( and bought this:
It's really comfy and cute; and it was on sale! Bonus.

Well that's all I have for now. Next week. I may take some  pre-photos of my bathroom redo. And hopefully get out my new oil paints and make something. *crosses fingers*

See ya next Wednesday for more crafts. :)

ps. Don't forget to comment about the marker board. Help me choose.

Day 8: Tuesday

Skipping today and will catch up when I get this interview finished. probably Saturday.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 7: Monday: Goal Day

Day 7: Monday
Today is Monday and it's goal setting day. What do I want to accomplish this week?
Monday:    set goals (yea! halfway there)

Tuesday:    Kid day: kid interview: I told Shane that this will give us a good idea on what the kids really                                                                   think goes on around here and what they think of us as parents.

Wednes:     Project day: Hoping to have some new projects finished this week. I went to Utrecht's in short-north for some art supplies. They are having a 50% off oil paint sale that goes through today!  So, I'm hoping to have at least a painting for you by Wed. Also I bought all the supplies to re-do my bathroom. Lots of pictures when that project starts. :) Oh and also I'm planning Isaac's 8th birthday party will have a story board for that, hopefully by Wed as well.

Thursday: Fitness. I'll post all the new workouts I've done this week. And am I'm staying away from the candy and cookies? We'll see...

Friday: Family Fun day. Want to get out of the house and do something this week. I might have to look something up.

Saturday: recap day: did you reach your goals?

Random Picture Monday: Doesn't get more random than 3 kids riding a fake camel. :)

ps. add me on pinterest!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 6: Saturday: recap goals

Day 6:
Well it is actually Sunday, my day off, but I'm catching up.
Saturday is a recap day. A, did I reach all my goals for the week, day?
As far as blogging, I was late on most of them, but they are up.
Diet... let's not go there.
I did workout 4 times this week, that's good, for me.
The kids got to get out and have some fun.
So, it wasn't a disaster. We'll just call it... Needs Improvement. But I'm working on it. Which is more than I can say for some, and better than I've ever done.
Some weeks are just good enough. Kids are alive and well, they might not always be happy but no one is always happy. That's life.
Next week: strive for better. Don't settle for good enough. :) *crosses fingers*

Random picture today:  Baby Jake.

Day 5: Friday: Family Fun

Day 5:
Today's Saturday and I still catching up these bloggy blog things.

Today is supposed to be Family Fun Friday, but we haven't done much this week. Terrible, I know.
I did take the little kids to the library; preschool story time. This week it was all about pigs. They danced to some songs and listened to some silly stories about piggies. Then all three picked out some books. We checked out 6 books about pigs. Our favorite this week has to be this one:
The kids like all the books in this series and we read this about ten times.

I took my two kids to my moms and they got to play with their cousin Evey. Jacob played with puzzles and threw pieces all over the floor and a very distraught Isabella was left to clean up the mess. I told her not to bother to sort them out. Just put them in the boxes, as I chased Jacob around the table to make him clean. I think he thought throwing the pieces was the real game.

On Thursday we all watched Brother Bear II together, and yes, by "watched" I mean, I tried to take a nap through it while kids piled on top of Shane and I. The kids really liked it. I just wanted to know if the girl turned into a bear or if the bear turned back into a human. I won't spoil it for you.. let the anticipation drive you to watch it. haha. Sequels are never as good as the first especially if they go straight to video and they're a cartoon.

Anyway, nothing eventful. Just hanging out over at the King house.

Next week: maybe something good. :)